Board Members

President: Hal Curti -

Vice President: Dwain Chichester - 

Board Member: Marcus Bunn -

Board Member: Kristie Nelson -

Board Member: Jim Reid -

District Coordinator: Bruce Woodworth - (775) 461-6550

“Enterprise Systems – S.B. 272 Compliance” RCD3 SP3 B 16-01

08-19-2016. The Mono County RCD does not own the Enterprise System software, which is provided to the RCD by the independent contractor who serves as the District Coordinator. That software includes:

Microsoft Office and Excel on which all RCD business is conducted. Records are backed up to external hard drives prudently and the software is updated as necessary.



Bruce D. Woodworth    District Coordinator

 PO Box 327     Coleville, CA     96107    Phone: 775-461-6550