Resource Conservation District of Mono County

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Coleville, CA 96107

Phone: 775-461-6550

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The Mono County Resource Conservation District in cooperation with USDA is an equal opportunity provider.  Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact Bruce Woodworth, District Coordinator at the above phone number.


AGENDA for Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020 PHONE meeting (1:30-3:30)[1]


A. Comments from the Public (5 minutes unless more authorized by Board) for matters not on the Agenda.  Public comments about specific agenda items will be allowed during the time allotted for their discussion later in the meeting.


B. Action Items. Discussion, direction by the Board and possible approval as proposed or amended:


1.     Update Conflict of Interest policy.

2.    Budget for 2020-2021.

3.    Yearly election of President and Secretary.

4.    Letter to the Board of Supervisors about (re)appointments to the RCD Board.

5.    Consider contribution to Inyo Mono Regional Water Management Group [Last year’s contribution was $250.]

6.    Consider CA RCD membership $150.

7.    Reimburse Coordinator for P.O. Box 327 [$76.00 personal check 5014 08-19-2020].


C. Consent / Information Items.


1.Director’s Report.  Information from any Director as to their areas/activities.

         2. NRCS presentation.

         3. Coordinator’s Report

         4. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting.




Bruce D. Woodworth



Packet Includes:


1.     Agenda

2.    Agenda 01-08-2020 (minutes for this meeting are not locatable)

3.    Budget

4.    Bylaws (last article is the Conflict of Interest Code)

[1] Phone-in options will be sent to regular attendees prior to the meetings. Others who may be interested in participating, please contact the RCD (above).


 PO Box 327     Coleville, CA     96107    Phone: 775-461-6550